Peter Lunn



Peter is a graduate from Limerick school of Art and Design from with a BA in Fine Art Printmaking. Subsequently, he qualified as an art therapist in CIT Cork in 2004 and worked for 9 years with the Blue Box, a Limerick based charity that provided therapy to children with emotional disturbance and trauma issues.
Peter works privately as an art therapist on a session basis and also  with people suffering learning and physical disabilities.

He currently works providing art therapy to people with Alzheimer’s and early stage dementia.

Art making is not the confine of the talented but is inherent in all people, irregardless of ability or age. if you can hold a brush, you can paint, hold a pencil and you can draw. Peter increasingly paints from his own creativity, separate from art therapy and has exhibited work in Draíocht since 2015.

He uses chalk pastels in his works. He finds this beautiful medium allows a balance between drawing and painting, providing a range of marvelous colours .Despite his art college background he feels himself to be self taught in the use of this versatile art tool. He considers teaching complements his work as an art therapist.

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