Draíocht is also a key outlet for the work of many local ceramicists who produce items of great beauty that are highly sought after all over the world.

The works of  Ian Carty, Liz Burgess , John Sherlock , Cyril Cullen, Sarah McKenna, Eithne Hehir and many more are in constant demand and there is always something  beautiful and ephemeral to suit every taste in Draiocht.


E_burgessLiz Burgess

My personal objective as a craftsperson, is to make my thoughts and ideas in an art form. Clay is the medium I choose.

Living abroad for 25 years gave me the opportunity to experience other cultures and learn from their art. The human form intrigues me.


Cyril Cullen with his dog Oscar of Farna Castle Holycross Co. Tipperary. Cyril runs the world known brand Cyril Cullen Knitwear and porcelain from Farna Castle. Pic Sean Curtin Press 22.

Cyril Cullen is self-taught in both knitwear & porcelain design and production. He established his knitwear company in the 1960s and began designing and manufacturing Irish parian porcelain in the early 1980s. Cyril’s wife, Margie and their daughters, are all involved in the business in various capacities. The family home, design studios and retail outlet for both Cyril’s knitwear & porcelain collections are at Farney Castle, Tipperary, Ireland.



Sarah McKenna

My quirky contemporary ceramics with a nostalgic feel, are a hip gift to give to any home loving body. My work is all about linking memories, sentiment and nostalgia to transform an everyday object into a special gift. Each piece is hand built by me in my 250 year old studio space in Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland.



Ceramic Artist John Sherlock is an Irish born man from Limerick city. He was first introduced to pottery whilst in South Africa where he lived for 27 years. John spent 7 years working with a local potter before creating a business with his partner.  When returning home to Limerick in 1999 John enrolled in the Limerick College of Art and Design where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts Degree as well as winning the Davern and Bell award. John has participated in many community events and has shared his knowledge with the community.


clodagh Clodagh Redden is a ceramicist living and working in West Cork where she has established a studio near the coastal village of Glandore

The themes and motifs used in Clodagh’s work are symbolic of a spiritual journey between life and death. The Greek mythology of the ferryman Charon carrying the souls across the River Styx is the original concept of these transitional vessels but she also incorporates Celtic motifs, tonalities and mood within the pieces. Along with intricacy of the finer details she primarily prefers to let the natural texture of the manipulated clay inform the final piece.

She is currently in the process of expanding her sculptural skills by learning the art of bronze casting which will be used in combination with her ceramic work.

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