Hedi O’Neill ceramics at Draíocht as featured on RTE’s Nationwide

The art of ceramics.


Hedi creating her little bit of magic.



Hedi works from her adopted home of 20 years in Dingle,Co. Kerry. Her characteristically bright hand-painted ceramic tableware are both beautiful and functional. While Hedi believes everyday objects should be things of beauty, they are dishwasher proof!.
The colours on her ceramics are those of her beautiful surroundings on the Dingle Peninsula, these colours of bog iris yellow, fuchsia red, montbrescia orange, heather purple and the blue of the Atlantic Ocean.
Before developing her own style, Hedi was greatly influenced in her clay work by the the UK potter, John Poleix and  the abstract art of Howard Hodgkin echoes in every piece. All her pots are hand thrown from white earthenware clay, turned and then dipped in a black slip. They are individually hand-painted with brush and sponge. After the initial bisque firing, a transparent glaze is applied before the final firing to yield the vibrancy of the end product.


At present,Draíocht alone represents Hedi’s work outside of Dingle, but this may change following the wonderful exposure on RTE’s Nationwide recently.





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Recent visit to Jane Hilliard Gallery, Tralee yielded great results.

Views of forthcoming Spring in Ireland.

A Little further West.

Jane Hilliard



Jane is a self-taught artist. After twenty-five years of working as a full-time professional painter, She has developed a distinctive style and repertoire, capturing the colour and atmosphere of the Irish landscape.




Working from her gallery in Tralee in Co, Kerry on the west coast of Ireland , her work is on permanent exhibit.  A prolific artist, producing work for exhibition and to commission, her work  features in numerous selected private and public collections.

“ I came from an urban area in England to the open country side of Kerry at the age of ten where the impact of the overwhelming beauty left me with a sense of awe that was to stay with me.

The last Twenty-five years of painting have been a labour of love and a process of developing the skills and techniques I need, to capture the beauty that I see and hopefully, the passion that I feel. It is an ongoing process. I see no end in that development. My work is a living, growing part of me or maybe I’m a living growing part of it “If I can convey my love of what I do in my work then I have succeeded.


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Launch of Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to the first edition of the Draíocht Newsletter

Today marks the relaunch of the new website for the  Draíocht Arts and Crafts Gallery, Adare. We have  updated it to cater for mobile devices and for the first time it includes an  on-line shopping capability. This means you can browse the shop at your leisure, checking up on the latest arts and crafts on display for sale. www.draiochtadare.ie


Please subscribe to our monthly news letter to follow the latest artworks available in Draíocht as they arrive. Wonderful pieces from many gifted Irish artists are always on display for that  gift to someone special, that might just be you!

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Henry Morgan West Clare Landscapes

Beautiful views of the Wild Atlantic Way from his vantage point in Clare. Paintings by Henry Morgan in Draíocht, Adare

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Ryan Tubridy Visit – 9th March 2016

Only Agnes could manage to discuss Vespa scooters on Ryan Tubridy’s visit to Draíocht.

See further selection , 40€ each by clicking image.

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Brid O’Kane – Embroidery artist


New work in Draíocht from Brid O’Kane, the Limerick based freestyle machine embroidery artist. Bríd describes her work as drawing with thread on canvas. Freestyle machine embroidery is a contemporary take on a traditional craft. Her creations have evolved from a love of the simple sewing machine and a desire to create something unique.
Spring Showers and Jumping in Puddles are inspired by the Irish weather”!!

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Arrival of Homeland Candles

Homeland Candles , Limerick

It’s not such a bad day when your boat floats up from Clarina with beautifully rich, scented Homeland Candles now on sale in Draíocht.

Using a Vintage/antique theme, I started making candles many years ago as a hobby because my wife loves burning candles. It got to the stage in our house that whenever she went shopping more candles appeared around the house. The problem was that most of the candles purchased would burn badly, be smoky and the scent would be either overpowering or non-existent. 

Our goal was to create a candle that was technically perfect. We sourced a variety of wax, wick, colour and fragrance from lots of different companies and started experimenting with combinations of mixtures and fragrances. After considerable time and effort we developed the perfect combination of raw material sourced from the best producers in Europe to finally create candles that burn clean and even, offering quality fragrance from the entire area of the candle and an unbeatable glow when burning.

Tom Bromell Candle Maker


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Xmas in Seoul

Looks like Ludmila is spreading her wings, beyond Adare, Limerick and Ireland to the Knot Gallery, Seoul.

Original paintings and prints available in Draíocht make wonderful Christmas presents.


Three of these paintings are going to Seoul Korea where they will be exhibited downtown as an introduction of Ludmila Korol Art to Korea. I am very excited by the prospect afforded me by the wonderful family of Dae Hyun Ann. I feel very privileged to be accepted into such a talented family of pianists, poets, industrialists and art collectors

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