Arrival of Homeland Candles

Homeland Candles , Limerick

It’s not such a bad day when your boat floats up from Clarina with beautifully rich, scented Homeland Candles now on sale in Draíocht.

Using a Vintage/antique theme, I started making candles many years ago as a hobby because my wife loves burning candles. It got to the stage in our house that whenever she went shopping more candles appeared around the house. The problem was that most of the candles purchased would burn badly, be smoky and the scent would be either overpowering or non-existent. 

Our goal was to create a candle that was technically perfect. We sourced a variety of wax, wick, colour and fragrance from lots of different companies and started experimenting with combinations of mixtures and fragrances. After considerable time and effort we developed the perfect combination of raw material sourced from the best producers in Europe to finally create candles that burn clean and even, offering quality fragrance from the entire area of the candle and an unbeatable glow when burning.

Tom Bromell Candle Maker


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