Recent visit to Jane Hilliard Gallery, Tralee yielded great results.

Views of forthcoming Spring in Ireland.

A Little further West.

Jane Hilliard



Jane is a self-taught artist. After twenty-five years of working as a full-time professional painter, She has developed a distinctive style and repertoire, capturing the colour and atmosphere of the Irish landscape.




Working from her gallery in Tralee in Co, Kerry on the west coast of Ireland , her work is on permanent exhibit.  A prolific artist, producing work for exhibition and to commission, her work  features in numerous selected private and public collections.

“ I came from an urban area in England to the open country side of Kerry at the age of ten where the impact of the overwhelming beauty left me with a sense of awe that was to stay with me.

The last Twenty-five years of painting have been a labour of love and a process of developing the skills and techniques I need, to capture the beauty that I see and hopefully, the passion that I feel. It is an ongoing process. I see no end in that development. My work is a living, growing part of me or maybe I’m a living growing part of it “If I can convey my love of what I do in my work then I have succeeded.


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