Hedi O’Neill

Hedi O'Neill
Hedi O’Neill

Artist Biography

I work with clay and colour – in that order and equally important.  I make a range of ceramic tableware in iconic shapes and forms – each pot uniquely, brightly hand-painted to create a distinct functional piece.

I am lucky enough to live and work in Dingle on the Wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, the place I spent idyllic childhood summers, and now my home for over 19 years.  Essentially a fishing and farming village, Dingle is full of creative people – and it is an inspirational place for my work.

On a good day there is an incomparable lucidity to the light.  Anybody who has spent time here knows what I mean.  The reds, yellows, oranges and purples of the hedgerows; the sea blues and greens; are vivid and translucent.  This is what I put on my pots.  The colours of wildflowers, sea, islands, fields, wetlands – Bog Iris yellow, Fuchsia red, Clover pink, Vetch purple, Montbretia orange, Blasket Island green, Atlantic blue…  You get the idea. It is impossible not to be inspired by what is around me. 


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