Visit to Teer Studio: Why would you want to leave?

Why would you want to leave?

Mary Neville’s  paintings are a celebration of colour. Her current work echoes the colours and moods of the landscape and nature that surrounds her. A visit to Mary in Teer Studio at the foot of Mount Brandon begs the question, ‘why would you want to leave?’.

Mount Brandon Mist - Mary Neville
Mount Brandon Mist – Mary Neville – Oil on Canvas – 30 x 30



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Hedi O’Neill ceramics at Draíocht as featured on RTE’s Nationwide

The art of ceramics.


Hedi creating her little bit of magic.



Hedi works from her adopted home of 20 years in Dingle,Co. Kerry. Her characteristically bright hand-painted ceramic tableware are both beautiful and functional. While Hedi believes everyday objects should be things of beauty, they are dishwasher proof!.
The colours on her ceramics are those of her beautiful surroundings on the Dingle Peninsula, these colours of bog iris yellow, fuchsia red, montbrescia orange, heather purple and the blue of the Atlantic Ocean.
Before developing her own style, Hedi was greatly influenced in her clay work by the the UK potter, John Poleix and  the abstract art of Howard Hodgkin echoes in every piece. All her pots are hand thrown from white earthenware clay, turned and then dipped in a black slip. They are individually hand-painted with brush and sponge. After the initial bisque firing, a transparent glaze is applied before the final firing to yield the vibrancy of the end product.


At present,Draíocht alone represents Hedi’s work outside of Dingle, but this may change following the wonderful exposure on RTE’s Nationwide recently.





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