2024 Plein Air Art Competition


Entry to the Regenron sponsored Draíocht Annual Pleinair Art Competition.

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The annual Draíocht ‘pleinair’ art competition will be held on Sunday 25th August 2024. This will be our sixth open air art competition and we are hoping for an ever increasing turnout to this popular event. The competition is open to all levels of expertise with prizes and sponsorship kindly donated by long term supporter, Regeneron.




Artists pre-register and are allocated a position within the village of Adare at random on the morning of the competition. Artists then set up their easels, equipment and can paint throughout the day until entries are submitted back at the gallery at 4pm. A team of  guest judges will then decide on the prize-winners who will be announced within the hour.

Many thanks for the ongoing support from our sponsor.


The entry fee is 30€.



Date: August 25th 2024

Venue: Draíocht Art Gallery, Adare

Welcome to en Plein Air, Adare 2024 organised by Draíocht Art Gallery, Adare, the information hub for competition and generously sponsored by Regeneron Ireland with a first prize of €1000. Adare Village, Co. Limerick hosts the event.

Rules and Guidelines

The competition is open to all aged 18 years and over who pay the €30 nonrefundable entry fee. You may book your place here online or in Draíocht from today.

Formal registration of two canvases for competition will take place in Draíocht Gallery on Saturday 24th August from 3-5.30pm and again from 8.30am on Sunday morning. This facilitates dawn painters. Non-registered canvases will not be considered for competition. Participating artists must agree to submit contact details including email and phone numbers to be used for the purposes of communication during the competition on all messaging applications. This information will not be made available to any other 3rd party.

Importantly Canvas Size must be greater than 30 x 20 cms A4 page) but smaller than 60 x 60 cm

Canvases may be primed ‘paint ready’ at registration. At registration you will be allocated your ‘paint out location’, but once there you choose the vista.


We choose the site : You choose the vista


On Registration:


  • The artist is agreeing to abide by all rules, decisions and instructions that are communicated to you by the organisers. Their decision in all matters is final.<br>• All paintings must be painted on location.
  • The organising committee reserve the right to accept or reject any artist’s registration application without explanation. Only stamped canvases/paper will qualify for competition.
  • The artists select one canvas to be judged and deliver it to Draíocht before 4pm on Sunday unframed for display and final judgement.

In Draíocht the artist must comply with guidelines, enter the designated door , leave their entry for presentation with the committee member and leave the building promptly.Judges Naomi O’Nolan and John Shinnors will make the final decision.

Each entry will be returned to the artist after Monday 26th August

This has been a wonderful day out for participants and followers alike as can be seen from the gallery of images from the past below.


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