Acrylic on Board

Frame 105 x 80 cm

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In order to appreciate the true size of the painting an image of the framed painting within a room setting is shown below.



The Artist


I am a self-taught artist and have been working as a full-time professional painter for over twenty years.

Painting has developed and sharpened my eye.I now see a beauty in things and places that in my younger years I would have past by. My aim is to bring that out in my work and enable others to see and experience that beauty through my work.  I can’t begin to explain the sense of joy and satisfaction that I get from trying to capture the colours and atmosphere of the Irish landscape.

I work from my gallery in Tralee, Co, Kerry on the west coast of Ireland where my work is on exhibition and my studio is open to the public. I produce work for exhibition and to commission.

My art has featured in numerous selected exhibitions and I have received many private and public commissions.

My style is constantly changing, which often surprises and excites me. I am glad to say I see no completion of that development process.  

My work is a living growing part of me or maybe I’m a living  part of it

Jane Hilliard

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