White Pencil on Black Card

23 x 30

Frame 33 x 40cm

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Bogart in a black wooden glazed frame.

Bogart -White Pencil on Black Card - 23 x 30 - Frame 33 x 40
Bogart -White Pencil on Black Card – 23 x 30 – Frame 33 x 40


The scale of the artwork can be seen below in a realistic setting.

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The Artist


Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen

I’m Jennifer Allen, a self-taught artist with a love of drawing characterful faces. This usually, but not always, means older faces, the type where every crease and wrinkle has something to say. I also like to draw musical instruments, old hands, anything which tells a story.

Using very simple tools, namely a white pencil, black paper, an eraser, for shading and a whole lot of time, I try to capture some element of a person’s essence, a moment in time or a particular mood.
Like most people, I started drawing as a child. The only difference is, I never stopped. I hope you enjoy my work.

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