Domestic Oasis


Domestic Oasis

Oil and Wax on Canvas

50 x 50 cm

Framed   65 x 65 cm

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‘Domestic Oasis’ comes in a white wood frame. (50 x 50)

Domestic Oasis
Domestic Oasis – Oil & Wax on Canvas – 50 x 50 – Frame 65 x 65

To give a better sense of scale the framed painting can be seen in a room setting below.


The Artist


My work is about the multiplicity of visual language available to me as a contemporary artist of 25 years working practice.

I use this language in all its richness and diversity to create an arena for visual engagement and imaginative conjecture. Where what is placed before the viewer invites a dialogue between representational and abstract elements, between the known and unknown. An image is formed out of contradictory elements that nevertheless, hint at a possible narrative and meaning.   

There is the intent in the work to achieve something elemental, something intrinsic to painting, the integral nature of the individual mark and the play, between the physical reality of the work and the ephemeral imaginative space that it creates, it is this oscillation which I find particularly fascinating.

The recognisable elements can come from any source but decorative patterning such as floral wallpaper, mythological alchemical symbols such as the dragon and moon, Japanese prints, street art and pieces of collage, influence and form the majority of the vocabulary.      

The content of each work varies as it is the product of intuition and play. A daily response to what imaginatively resonates and creates connections, aesthetic or narrative, logical or contradictory, connections which may hold or change as the possible meanings shift.

The ultimate realisation of the work takes place when the aesthetic and narrative elements combine to form the creative event that is the work, which simultaneously unfolds in front of the viewer and through their imaginative space.

Gavin Hogg

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