Squeezebox Player


Squeezebox Player


15cm tall

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The Artist

Cyril Cullen with his dog Oscar of Farna Castle Holycross Co. Tipperary. Cyril runs the world known brand Cyril Cullen Knitwear and porcelain from Farna Castle. Pic Sean Curtin Press 22.

Cyril is self-taught in both knitwear & porcelain design and production. He established his knitwear company in the 1960s and began designing and manufacturing Irish parian porcelain in the early 1980s. Cyril’s wife, Margie and their daughters, are all involved in the business in various capacities. The family home, design studios and retail outlet for both Cyril’s knitwear & porcelain collections are at Farney Castle, Tipperary, Ireland.

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