Charlie Mahon

Cork based ceramicist Charlie Mahon is an artist and a ceramist, both are his passions and the result is his unique, personality filled work.

In the 1980’s Charlie studied art in Limerick followed by sculpture in Crawford College of Art in Cork and won a scholarship to study ceramics at the University of Mississippi. . Returning to Ireland, Charlie gained excellent experience in potteries such as Irish Country Pottery, Stephen Pearce Pottery and Carrigaline Pottery. He embarked on his own business venture with Island Pottery in 2003. . In 2017 Charlie developed his idea of producing platters and bowls that will complement your table, he has really enjoyed developing his ideas and building his brand with the help of his wife Elmarie aka Ellie. Each platter, bowl and mug is individually hand thrown, hand painted, and signed individually. Charlie’s unique sculpted ceramics have proved a great success with collectors in Draíocht.

Available artworks from this Artist

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