Liz Burgess

Liz was born in Dublin and grew up in Kildavin Co Carlow .She studied Industrial Design at Carlow RTC. Moving to New York in 1981 and was introduced to clay and instantly knew that this was going to be her future . She was an apprentice to various New York Artists before becoming an assistant in Grenwich House Pottery/ She shared a studio in Brooklyn before moving to San Francisco in 1991 where she met Christian Jambou and moved to Mennetou Sur Cheir. the Loire Vally in France where the started their family.

In her own words ‘my personal objectives as a crafts person, is to make my thoughts and ideas in an art form and clay is the medium I choose’. She says’living abroad for 25 years gave me the opportunity to experience other cultures and learn from their art. The human form intrigues me’.

In 2007 they moved to Kinsale Co Cork and have exhibited in Adare with Draíocht since it opened in 2009.

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