Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy has created both functional pottery and ceramic sculptures for Irish people over the last 30 years. He is one of Ireland’s leading ceramic artists. His work, unique and original, evokes all that is west of Ireland, from the motive energy of the Atlantic to the delicate colours and forms of the wild flowers, from ancient structures or stone walls to the rawness of the bog land. In colours, in shapes, in design, he reflects all of this. Each and every piece is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel. Layers of texture, markings and slips are applied, covering the piece in a maze of intricate patters and colour.

His sculpted work is further modelled to create a unique art object. Layers of glaze are copiously applied which, after firing, reflect the strong tones and shades of the Irish countryside, giving each piece richness and depth of colour. The final forms are vested with the skill and artistry of the master craftsman. .Michaels sculptured pieces are particularly sought after by collectoein Draíocht.

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