Mission Fig by La Bougie

For the Mission Fig Lover…… Gift box contains –

140g Mission Fig Candle with a 40 hour burn time

100ml Mission Fig Hand & Body Lotion

100ml Mission Fig Hand & Body Wash

All wrapped in tissue and placed in our signature gift bag……….

Fragrance notes
Parched Earth / Fig Leaves / Blond Wood

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En Plein Air 2019 Galleries

A Gallery of images of the Plein Air Artists at work on a glorious August day in the village of Adare.

Apologies to a couple of artists who hid themsleves from the roving cameraman.

« 1 of 2 »

A Gallery of the wonderful paintings produced on the day by our brave band of artists.

Many thanks to all artists and spectators alike who made the competition a great success.

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Plein Air Competition 2019

2019 Plein Air Competition
2019 Plein Air Competition

Sunday August 25th 2019

 Draíocht Art Gallery proudly hosts the third Open Air Painting Competition in Adare after a very successful launch in 2017.

Set in the picturesque village of Adare, this competition gives you the opportunity to sit and paint among it’s old world historical charms beside the beautiful River Maigue. For many years artists flock here to capture its scenic beauty in paint, but this time to compete.

Draíocht, Adare’s premier contemporary Art Gallery is delighted to organise a Plein Air competition that boasts fantastic prizes and the opportunity to meet, talk and paint with fellow artists.  Prize winning artists will have their work displayed in Draíocht throughout Septembet.

Competition Details.

On-line Entry Form


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Clodagh Redden New Bronze & Porcelain Sculptures

Clodagh Redden in Draíocht.
The themes and motifs used in Clodagh’s work are symbolic of a spiritual journey between life and death. The Greek mythology of the ferryman Charon carrying the souls across the River Styx is the original concept of these transitional vessels but she also incorporates Celtic motifs, tonalities and mood within the pieces.

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Ian Pollock sculpture in Draíocht

On the Way to Once, beautiful new bronze from Ian Pollock.

Ian Pollock bronze

Dublin born sculptor Ian Pollock,Inspiration for his sculptures comes from aspects of daily life. Pollock sees his work ‘like a three dimensional diary’ of his life. “I never limit myself to one subject or style of work and can never say where the work will go next which makes it exciting for myself and I hope for the viewer. I like the fact that bronze is so permanent, a bronze sculpture is going to be around forever.”

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