Pigs Might Fly


Media : Bronze 1/1

Dimensions : 47cm tall 50cm wide

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Born in Wiltshire, England Krystyna Pomeroy lives on the Loop Head peninsula in Co
Clare for ov er thirty years. She is a self-taught artist best known for her pared down
animal and bird forms.
For several years Krys worked with clay and for the past fifteen years she has used
paper as a sculptural medium.
Krys’ range of creative talent is rather remarkable and her work – from Papier Mache
to bronze and everything in between – is highly sought after.
Now, much of her work is being cast into bronze and exhibited and sold in select
galleries throughout Ireland.
Having a strong interest in costume has led to Krys designing and making costumes
for film and performance, which led on to making props and puppets.
Whether working in the medium of clay, paper or metal, the primary focus is on
form, followed closely by the ‘how’ of construction. Initial sketches evolve into 3D
blueprints. In many of her animal sculptures there is a paring down to essential
features and the use of flat planes
Bronze Hen. Stylised in terms of its quirky pattern and
shape makes a striking addition to any art collection.
With its mauve patina and shined bronze disc areas
the hen is finished in a suitably subtle and fun fashion.
Most definitely a collector’s piece.
Krystyna has exhibited in several galleries in Ireland and the UK. Her most recent
works in bronze have sold through Adam’s of Dublin and by invitation at ‘FORM’
Ballymaloe, Co. Cork. Draíocht, Adare are delighted to represent Krystyna in Munster

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