Grainne Watts

Gráinne Watts’ current work features a collection of thrown vessels and a series of sculptural forms in porcelain and stoneware. She is inspired by the natural world, the landscape around her and nature photography. Over the years, Watts has cultivated a visual and tactile vocabulary that feeds into the development of her ideas and reflects her deep interest in colour, texture, form and elements of humour

My making process involves numerous steps. Initially, I do a series of drawings, exploring ideas with form and surface treatments. I then create small versions of the piece and these are then used to experiment with colour combinations and surface detail. I want my work to evoke an emotional and sensory response and pursue this in my choice of form, refinement of the surface quality and use of vibrant colour that stimulates the viewer.

Watts graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 1982. She subsequently undertook an apprenticeship with Geoffrey Healy Pottery. She is currently based in Co. Wicklow.

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